Lowery's karate 

Ketsugo Goshin-Jutsu

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Sensei Dan Holloway

This was the gentleman that introduced me to the art of Isshin Ryu Karate in 1992.

He taught class in the basement of a small church located in Keego Harbor, MI.

I never became a regular student but he always invited me in for work outs.

Sensei Randy Brown

One of the most amazing kickers I have ever seen!

A bit of a renegade with a tremendous heart. He would give you the shirt

off of his back. Randy accepted me as a student when I was 15.

Nothing traditional, no rank granted, just a lot of punching and kicking drills. I will never forget my time spent with Randy Brown. Randy passed away January 16, 2001.

7-11-1968   1-16-2001

Sensei Ronald Nick

Here is a man that shocked me with his strength and energy level.

I met Ron when I was just a teenager working for a shop in Lake Orion, MI.

Ron was a boxer and studied multiple martial art systems.

Hands down, the best physical shape I had ever been in was while training with Ron.

Sensei Jeffrey Bryant

I started formal training with Jeff in 2000 and

in two and a half years was promoted to the rank of Sho Dan.

Jeff is the president of the United Okinawan Budo Association

and a founding member and director of the MSKC.  

He is well known for putting out great fighters in all capacities of competition

and is a good trainer. 

I currently and always will train with Jeff but remain open to ideas and training 

philosophies of others.


Sensei Michael Gibbs

I started training with Mike in 2001, shortly after joining Bryants Karate.

Mikes expertise is in sport karate. He would drill us to death with numerous

sport karate techniques. He is a Tang soo Do practitioner and very proficient at

his art. A champion in both kata and point sparring divisions and a history buff when it

comes to old school sport karate.

Sensei Donn Schucker

I met Donn in 2005 in St. Louis, MO.

I had moved to Missouri and was in need of a place to train.

He was very kind, soft spoken and invited me in.

We share a lot of the same views regarding the martial arts.

He has been a great source of information and I hope nothing but the best for him and his association.